The Dave Chappelle Specials Are Finally Out Next Week. Here's A Sneak Peek.

The Netflix stand-up specials will be his first since 2004's "For What It’s Worth."

One week before Netflix releases the first Dave Chappelle stand-up specials in more than a decade, the streaming service is giving the world a sneak peek of what’s in store.

In a trailer for the highly anticipated specials released Tuesday, Chappelle jokes about the self-titled Islamic State, the late Nicole Brown Simpson and, well, salt.

“All manner of things kill white people. But you know what kills more black people than anything ― more than police and terrorism?” he asks.

“Salt, n***a! Regular-ass table salt!”

Netflix will be simultaneously releasing two Chappelle stand-up specials next Tuesday. One was filmed at Austin City Limits Live, and the other at the Hollywood Palladium.

The specials will be Chappelle’s first since 2004’s “For What It’s Worth.” Soon after that release, Chappelle went on a prolonged break from the professional comedian circuit, helping to foster his cult-like status among fans. 

The streaming service announced a deal with the comedian last November, just days after he hosted NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” ― one of the show’s most successful episodes in years. Chappelle is currently working on a third stand-up special as part of the deal.

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