Dave Chappelle’s ‘Photobomb’ During Ohio Engagement Shoot Goes Viral

“He was so nice and truly made our day," the photographer said of the comedian.

A couple’s recent engagement shoot in Ohio has caught the attention of people around the world after it apparently caught the attention of Dave Chappelle

Photographer Jaycee Brammer, owner of Jaycee Marie Photography, shared images from a recent engagement photo session on Saturday in which the comedian “photobombed” some of her clients’ photos, she said.

The photos have since made the rounds on the internet, racking up thousands of likes on Brammer’s company’s Facebook page. 

Brammer, 24, had only recently transitioned into working as a full-time photographer after starting her photography business back in May. 

She told HuffPost that Chappelle, who lives in Ohio, was the first celebrity she had ever met. She said she was initially unsure whether to approach him after he entered the local brewery where she was holding the engagement shoot in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Brammer eventually approached Chappelle to request a photo, which she said led to a friendly conversation between the comedian, the photographer and the clients.

Chappelle then announced he would photobomb a shot, much to their excitement.

Brammer told HuffPost that she’s happy the photos have helped spread positivity by capturing an incredible moment with Chappelle. 

“He was so nice and truly made our day,” she wrote on Instagram. “I think it’s safe to say Emily [and] Tommy have the coolest engagement photos EVER.”