Dave Chappelle Is Coming To 'Saturday Night Live'! Yeah! OK!

The comedian is set to host on Nov. 12.

Get ready to scream, “Yeah!”  

According to a press release by NBC, and a report from Deadline, Dave Chappelle is slated to host “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 12. He will be joined by musical guest A Tribe Called Quest. This is not a drill.

The “SNL” episode will be the first one following the presidential election on Nov. 8, assuming the world doesn’t end.

During the Roots Picnic festival in NYC, Chappelle commented on the election, saying it’s “Hillary Clinton versus white Malcolm X.” The comedian called Donald Trump a “crazy carrot-top head motherfucker” who’s “gonna kill us all and lower my taxes.”

There’s no doubt the episode will be full of more political commentary, but we’ll also be waiting to see if the comedian brings back some of his “Chappelle’s Show” characters, such as Prince and Lil Jon.

What!? OK!

Chappelle has been largely out of the spotlight since walking away from the show and a reported $50 million dollar contract at Comedy Central in 2005. 

We’ll find out what happens on Nov. 12. In the meantime, enjoy your pancakes.



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