Dave Chappelle Warns Donald Trump On 'The Tonight Show' — But It's Too Late

The comedian had some sound communication advice for the former president.

Dave Chappelle found a way Wednesday to mock Twitter and former President Donald Trump all at once on “The Tonight Show.” (Watch the clip above.)

In an interview to promote Chappelle’s “Midnight Miracle” podcast, host Jimmy Fallon observed that the comedian hadn’t posted on Twitter since 2012.

Chappelle had a perfectly pithy explanation: “Twitter is a bathroom wall! Why would I write all my thoughts on the bathroom wall?”

Donald Trump, you heard that?” he continued.

It’s too late for the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-POTUS, who was banned from the platform over fears he would incite further violence following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Still, Chappelle wanted to make sure his comments made it onto the broadcast.

“Don’t cut that [bleep] in post, Jimmy,” he added.

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