Dave Collins, Arkansas Man, Loves Balloons (VIDEO)

WATCH: 27-Year-Old Man's Balloon Infatuation

There are some men who like breastfeeding and others who like smelling women's shoes, but for one Arkansas man, it's all about the balloons.

Yep, there's no doubt about it. Dave Collins loves his balloons.

The Little Rock man who refers to his inflated friends as "family" has revealed his love in a bizarre YouTube video.

"I believe these balloons are my children. They are part of who I am as a person," he said.

Collins, who will be featured in an upcoming August episode of National Geographic's show "Taboo," said he enjoys embracing balloons and feeling their rubbery surface against his body.

"You feel the balloon right there with you [and it] feels so close and you feel so warm…and your heart just reaches out to this beautiful, beautiful balloon," Collins, who sleeps with a balloon under his shirt, said in the video.

Though many have already labeled Collins a "looner" -- a person with a balloon fetish -- the 27-year-old man insists that his relationship with his blown-up pals is anything but sexual.

"I am pure in my life, and I keep the balloons the same way," he said.

For more on Dave Collins, watch a clip from the episode "Taboo: Strange Passions."

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