Dave Coulier Thinks The Writer Of This 'Fuller House' Review Is 'On A Different Planet'

"Have you never had a childhood?"

Dave Coulier has a message from the writers behind negative reviews of Netflix's "Fuller House": "We have never made one 'Full House' or 'Fuller House' episode to please the critics." 

On the same day his co-star John Stamos fired back at critics who disliked the reboot of the hit family sitcom, Coulier told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on Thursday that the "Full House" gang has always been more concerned with its audience than its critics. There was one bad review, however, that left Coulier perplexed: a Washington Post piece that declared "Fuller House" an example of when "nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia."

"What triggers you, watching a ['Fuller House'] episode, to think of necrophilia?" Coulier said. "Have you never had a childhood? And if you did, what kind of childhood did you have? Let yourself go in the fantasy."

As befuddled as he was by the reviewer's comment, Coulier said he didn't let the negativity get to him.

"When someone makes a statement like that, you just have to kind of throw your hands up and go, 'Well, obviously you're on a different planet than I am,'" he said. 

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