Dave Grohl Kicks Out Fan From Concert: Foo Fighter Singer Boots Fighter (VIDEO)

Foo Fighters Singer FREAKS OUT At Fan, Boots Him From Concert

The world according to Dave Grohl:

Fighting Foo: a decades long mission. Fighting people: not at his show!

Grohl, the lead singer of seminal rock band the Foo Fighters, was doing his thing at the iTunes Festival in London, rocking hard when he noticed some violence going down in the crowd. This did not please him.

"Hey mothaf*cka! No No No No! You don't f*cking fight at my show, you as*hole," Grohl yelled, stopping the entire band in its tracks. After identifying the man -- he was wearing a striped shirt -- Grohl let out a bunch more expletives before kicking him out. And then let out some more expletives.

It's a funny way to promote a new album -- their "Wasting Light" premiered in April -- but hey, the audience seemed to enjoy the show. Or not getting punched in the heads.


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