Dave Matthews And Grover Are Feeling All The Feelings (VIDEO)

Cookie Monster may be taking the lead on Sesame Street's new initiative to teach kids self-regulation, but he's left room for other monsters to get in on the action too. In this case, fuzzy lovable old Grover with his friend Dave Matthews.

Part of the curriculum this year is "to get children to have a better understanding of their emotions," Dr. Rosemarie Truglio told HuffPost Parents in an interview about season 44. "So, to give them the words to describe complex emotions -- frustrated, disappointed, jealous." You know, like when you're Dave Matthews and you see that Grover can put on a cape and become Super-Grover? Just play the banjo, tell the word you feel a little jealous and you might feel better for having said the word.

And here's who stopped by Sesame Street last season...

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