Dave Matthews Responds To John Edwards Wedding Connection

News first broke last September that John Edwards had once talked with his mistress Rielle Hunter about someday having a rooftop New York wedding with a Dave Matthews Band performance, and now Matthews has responded.

"He didn't ask me," Dave told Access Hollywood.

And if he had, it would have cost him:

"I would make a fair bet that I would have said no to such an offer," Dave smiled.

"Or, I would have charged him some incredible amount of money," Dave added with a chuckle.

According to Andrew Young, Rielle and John's favorite song was DMB's "Steady As We Go" (scroll to watch Matthews perform it). Sample lyrics include "I walk half way around the world just to sit down by your side" and, "Any place you wanna go, know I'll be next to you."

Friday night Grammy-nominee Matthews was in Los Angeles performing at a Neil Young tribute.

Edwards has admitted paternity of Rielle's daughter Quinn and is legally separated from wife Elizabeth, the first step towards divorce. But he probably has has bigger things to worry about than Matthews, as Rielle is now trying to get back a sex tape she made with the disgraced former Senator from former aide-turned-author Young.