Dave Weigel Becomes MSNBC Contributor

Ex-Washington Post Reporter Becomes MSNBC Contributor

Former Washington Post conservative beat blogger/reporter Dave Weigel, who resigned last week after his private, off-the-record emails were made public, has joined MSNBC as a contributor.

Keith Olbermann announced Weigel's appointment during the final segment on Monday night's "Countdown."

"We are very proud to announce [that Dave] is, as of like 20 minutes ago, an MSNBC contributor," Olbermann said. "Welcome, Dave...and you thought last week was fun, wait until you see what this week holds for you."

Mediaite confirmed that Weigel's role is both paid and exclusive to MSNBC.

Weigel's first segment as an MSNBC contributor focused on Alabama tea party congressional candidate Rick Barber.


Olbermann defended Weigel last week, naming the outlets that published his private e-mails among his Worst Persons in the World:

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