Watch This Gay Teen From Texas Get The Surprise Of His Life

Davey Wavey, 'Drag Race' star Alaska and thousands of Houstonians came together to honor Angel.

Davey Wavey certainly knows how to cook up a surprise.

The YouTube star recently traveled to El Paso, Texas, to meet one of his fans, 19-year-old Angel. After meeting his friends and family, Wavey whisked Angel off to Houston for the city’s annual Pride celebration. Little did Angel know that “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Alaska and thousands of Pride revelers were awaiting him ― or that he’d be riding on his very own parade float.

“I often get emails from queer people in smaller cities and towns who don’t have a lot of community,” Wavey told HuffPost in an email. “They can feel alone, isolated and like they don’t fit in ― that’s especially true if you’re 19, 6′4″, from Texas and walk around with a full face of makeup.”

Wavey added that what really struck him about Angel’s story was that despite the challenges he’s faced, he’s living his “authentic life.”

“From helping his single mother support his four brothers to unapologetically embracing his femininity, that’s something worth celebrating,” Wavey wrote. He added, “Being celebrated in this way is what every young queer person deserves in the face of a world that chastises them for being different, or tells them that they’re not enough. I just wish we could do this for all the misfits.”

Watch Angel’s big moment above and head here for more from Davey Wavey.

Update from Davey Wavey in regards to comments and questions about why he and Angel didn’t attend El Paso Pride instead of Houston Pride:
While El Paso has a colorful and vibrant LGBTQ+ community, we wanted Angel to experience one of the largest Pride events in the country - which is why we surprised him with a trip to Houston Pride. We were overwhelmed and energized by the support and love that Texans expressed for Angel and this project.



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