Watching These People Orgasm Is A Startlingly Intimate Experience (NSFW)

"The world needs more of this!"

As far as human expressions go, the face someone makes as they’re orgasming is arguably the most personal. It’s a look that is rarely seen outside of the bedroom (or adult films) and an experience that is typically shared with only a select group of people throughout a person’s lifetime.

But in a new video from Youtuber Davey Wavey, six individuals are challenging our culture’s thoughts on what is private and what is public by agreeing to be filmed while masturbating and orgasming. Though the two-minute long clip, directed by Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli and Gabe C. Elder, features no nudity or sex, the vulnerability displayed is staggering. For some, the video might even be discomforting to watch because of how infrequently we’re exposed to intimacy in this way.

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“Right now, it feels like the world is so divided ― gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, black or white or anything else, it feels like people are really pushed into their separate corners of the room,” Wavey told The Huffington Post in an email. “At its core, this video is about compassion. We might not agree on gun issues or politics, or even the right for my marriage to be recognized, but when we pull back the layers ― we can see the raw humanity underneath. And one of the most basic human things that we share is the orgasm. So let’s start there.”

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Wavey notes that “sharing such an intimate experience with an audience can be really daunting” and says the producers took “a lot of care in the process of inviting people to be a part of this special project.”

When asked what he wants viewers to take away from the video, Wavey replied, “Regardless of race, gender, politics, sexual orientation and so on, there’s a commonality in our experience: the awesome blissful moment of orgasm.” He added, “In every breath, touch and moan, there’s tremendous power to heal and nurture ― the world needs more of this!”

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And just how does Wavey propose we harness this power?

“Go masturbate!” he commands. “Make time to indulge in your body’s pleasure.”

...You don’t have to tell us twice!

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