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Man Who Uncovered Diamond In Park Plans Incredibly Selfless Gesture

Note to self: Keep eyes peeled during the next stroll in the park.

David Anderson was doing just that Tuesday when he spotted a 6.19-carat white diamond, Fox News reports. The Murfreesboro, Ark., man had been on a four-hour search for something spectacular in the Crater of Diamonds State Park when he saw the rare find.

Fortunately for Anderson, the park has a finders, keepers policy: Visitors are allowed to keep whatever treasures they may stumble upon during their ventures.

"This diamond is definitely a beauty," park interpreter Waymon Cox said, according to KARK, noting it's the largest white diamond the park has registered in three years. "It looks almost entirely clear and appears to be an unbroken crystal."

According to the outlet, Anderson will sell the jelly bean-sized diamond and give proceeds to Speed the Light, a charitable organization based out of Missouri.

Valuable finds are not a rarity at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Last week, an Oklahoma City girl sold the 3.85-carat yellow diamond that she found in the park last October for $20,000. She said she plans to use the money to help pay for college.

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