David Beckham Angrily Confronts Fan Over Sex Claim (VIDEO)

David Beckham is accused of shelling out lots of money for a steamy threesome with a pair of prostitutes. One ex-call girl has publicly come forward, and the other prostitute has backed the story while remaining anonymous. An infamous madam also insists that Beckham cheated on his longtime wife.

For his part, Beckham has sued the magazine In Touch over the story and claims that the accusations are baseless. News of the World writes that there is "no proof" that the erotic romp ever took place.

The lack of clarity did not stop one fan from heckling Beckham about the rumors, however. Someone yelled "stop with the prostitutes" at Beckham following a Los Angeles Galaxy game on Friday night, and the soccer superstar furiously confronted his tormenter. Beckham challenged the fan to "say it again" -- and the fan declined to do so.

Beckham then stormed off, but not before turning around and telling the man to "say it to my face. Scroll down to watch.