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David Beckham Defends Kissing His Daughter On The Lips

The famous dad faced criticism after posting a photo on Instagram.

Last month, David Beckham faced criticism after posting a photo of himself kissing his 5-year-old daughter, Harper, on the lips.

The former soccer star responded to the controversy during a Facebook Live interview on July 1.

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“Having children is the most special thing in the world,” Beckham told Thai TV host Woody Milintachinda.

“I got actually criticized for kissing my daughter on the lips the other day. I kiss all my kids on the lips,” he explained.

Beckham and his wife, Victoria, have four kids ― 18-year-old Brooklyn, 14-year-old Romeo, 12-year-old Cruz and 5-year-old Harper. During the interview, he noted that he doesn’t kiss Brooklyn on the lips anymore.

“Brooklyn’s 18, he might find that a little bit strange,” Beckham said.

“But I’m very affectionate with the kids,” the dad added. “It was how I was brought up and Victoria, and it’s how we are with our children. We want to show our kids love. And we protect them, look after them, support them, and we’re very affectionate with them.”

Beckham’s wife also received criticism for posting a photo of herself kissing Harper a year ago.

When actress Hilary Duff came under fire for a similar photo last year, she responded with a very clear statement.

“For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click unfollow with your warped minds and judgment,” Duff wrote in a note she shared with her followers.

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Clearly no one is immune to the bitter reality of parent-shaming.