David Beckham At Target For Ellen Show: Soccer Icon Shows Funny Side (VIDEO)

Rumors have been kicking up in recent weeks about soccer icon David Beckham's next employer after he finishes his contract with the LA Galaxy in the MLS. In England, Tottenham is reportedly targeting Becks. Across the channel in France, it is Paris Saint-Germain who may be looking to ink the midfielder.

If none of those options pan out, Beckham may have a future in retail or, perhaps, improv comedy. As part of an appearance on Ellen this week, Beckham went undercover at a Target. The 36-year-old peddled cologne to mostly unsuspecting customers and took orders from the comedienne. Hilarity ensued.

Hamming it up with an ease on camera likely accrued during his stint as the most famous man alive, Beckham really gave it his all -- even if he didn't exactly understand all of Ellen's instructions.

Seeing as how the best part of his game, at this point in his career, is the service he can provide to his teammates with his inswinging crosses from the flank, perhaps it makes sense that Beckham would find himself so at home in the service industry.