David Beckham Reveals Massive Tattoo On His Angelic Ankle

What do you "ink"?

The "Sexiest Man Alive" just added another tattoo to his ever-growing collection of ink. 

Former footballer David Beckham revealed an intricate piece on his ankle via Instagram on Wednesday. The tattoo, done by renowned artist Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Social Club, appears to be of two angelic figures. 

"Always nice to sit and listen to Mark's conversation for five hours whilst watching him work," Beckham captioned his photo. "True artist." 

We feel pretty strongly about it: 

In late 2015, Beckham revealed that his four kids helped design some of his new tattoos. 

His boys wrote a phrase dedicated to their father on the side of his ribs, while daughter Harper got to draw a little stick figure and heart for her dad on his hand. 

The boys expressing how they feel about daddy ❤️❤️❤️

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Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ❤️

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No word on how many tattoos the 40-year-old has, though some estimates put it around 40. We'll keep looking. 



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