David Beckham Pokes Fun At Matching Outfits With Victoria In Anniversary Post

The Spice Girl previously said one of the coordinating outfits still "haunts me like you wouldn't believe."

David and Victoria Beckham know the secret to a long-lasting marriage: matching outfits.

The former soccer star and the Spice Girl recently celebrated over two decades together, which David marked with a funny Instagram post dedicated to his wife and their iconic fashion history.

“22 years later, still matching outfits 😂,” the 46-year-old quipped in the caption of his Instagram post, published on Sunday. “Happy anniversary love u so much and thank you for giving me our amazing kids so we can all wear the same 😂.”

The post featured a gallery of the two in matching outfits, including a sleek leather number, an all-purple look with flowers and a cowboy hat, and a sweet photo of the family in the same pajamas.

It seems that when “2 become 1,” coordinated looks really are a requirement.

The leather look that David included in the slideshow is one that Victoria told Vogue “haunts me like you wouldn’t believe” and swore she’d never wear again.

“I think it was relevant at the time. I think so. Maybe it was just as funny back then, I just didn’t know about it,” the fashion designer told the magazine for a video back in 2018. “And actually very cute. They were really stiff.”

“But the bizarre thing was, it was a Versace event, but we turned up wearing matching Gucci leather, which is bizarre,” she added of the 1999 look. “And I still have these. I still have these outfits.”

Perhaps they can break them out for their 50th anniversary?

David and Victoria Beckham attend the "Versace Club" gala party in London on June 11, 1999.
David and Victoria Beckham attend the "Versace Club" gala party in London on June 11, 1999.
Justin Goff via Getty Images

Followers got a look at some of the coordinated looks in a sweet throwback video that Victoria posted to commemorate the pair’s anniversary over the weekend.

She previously revealed what makes the couple’s marriage work, saying it all comes down to focusing on their kids and having a sturdy support system.

“You know, I think that the kids are our priority, and everything we do revolves around the children,” the entertainer said on the “Today” show back in 2019.

“But we both work really hard. We love what we do professionally,” Victoria added. “We support each other and, you know, we’re very lucky to have found each other and lucky that we’re growing together.”

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