David Beckham Once Again Teases Victoria Beckham About Her 'Working Class' Remark

The retired soccer star hilariously won't let the former Spice Girls singer live down her comments about her upbringing.

David Beckham won’t let his wife, Victoria Beckham, live down that time she described her upbringing as “working class.”

In a Sunday post on Instagram, the retired soccer star shared a picture of himself and the fashion designer having lunch with her parents at a five-star luxury hotel on New Year’s Eve.

“Just a nice casual New Year’s Eve lunch at The Ritz,” he wrote, before joking about a conversation he and his wife once had about what it means to come from a humble background. “Very working class. My mother & father in law left in there [Rolls-Royce].”

David was referencing an exchange between him and Victoria that was seen in his Netflix docuseries, “Beckham,” in October.

Victoria was filmed in one scene discussing the time she first met her husband, and how she was attracted to the fact that he appeared to be close with his family.

“Both of our parents work really hard, we’re very working, working class,” she said, before David interrupted her from off screen: “Be honest.”

Victoria protested that she was being honest, but David wasn’t having it.

He repeatedly asked her to name the make of the car that her dad drove her to school in.

“OK, in the ’80s my dad had a Rolls-Royce,” Victoria finally conceded.

The former Spice Girl (whose stage name, not for nothing, was “Posh Spice”) also shared photos from the couple’s lunch with her parents this weekend, writing in the caption of her Instagram post: “Creating memories this NY Eve x family time really is everything.”

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