David Beckham Visits Afghanistan, Handles Heavy Weapons (PHOTOS)

David Beckham visited Afghanistan over the weekend, speaking with troops and handling heavy weaponry. His marveled at the servicemen he met while staying at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, telling the Telegraph:

"To see the morale of the troops is really incredible. It first kind of hit me on the way over when we were on the military plane flying in to Afghanistan.

"You can see the faces, you can see obviously they know they are leaving their families, but they're so focused and they've got this look in their eyes that they're just so confident and just ready. That really is an unbelievable sight to see, and you feel it as well."

Beckham, who suffered a brutal tendon injury in March (followed by a gruesome operation), said in a statement that he has "nothing but admiration for these young men and women, and it makes me very proud to be British." Scroll down to see pictures from his trip.