London Police Investigate Rape Accusation Against David Blaine: Report

Model Natasha Prince said the famous magician raped her at a U.K. residence in 2004. Blaine's attorney said his client "vehemently denies" the charge.

David Blaine is under investigation by London police after a model accused the famous magician of raping her in 2004, according to a report from The Daily Beast. 

Natasha Prince told the news outlet in an exclusive interview published Thursday that Blaine, 44, raped her at a private U.K. residence months after her 21st birthday.

Scotland Yard, London’s metropolitan police, told The Daily Beast that their Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Command is investigating Blaine over the allegation, which Prince told police about in November of last year.

Blaine, originally from Brooklyn, New York, denied the accusations against him in a statement sent by his lawyer to ABC News. He also denied assaulting “any woman, ever.”

“My client vehemently denies that he raped or sexually assaulted any woman, ever, and he specifically denies raping a woman in 2004,” Los Angeles-based attorney Marty Singer said. “If, in fact, there is any police investigation, my client will fully cooperate because he has nothing to hide.”

According to The Daily Beast, London police told Prince that they asked Blaine’s attorney to have Blaine come to the U.K. for an “interview under caution.”

While the investigation in London is ongoing, there have been no charges.

The accusations against Blaine come at a time when allegations of sexual abuse in the entertainment and media industry are coming to light. 

Explosive investigative reports published earlier this month revealed decades of sexual harassment, abuse and rape allegations made against film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Spurred by the news, other women in the industry and a prominent social media campaign have documented rampant sexual abuse and harassment by men in general.

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