David Boreanaz Teases The Final Episodes Of 'Bones' And A Possible Reunion

"I know someone may get shot and hurt and injured ... maybe me, possibly."

“Bones” is coming to an end after 12 meaty seasons, but according to the show’s star David Boreanaz, there’s still a lot of excitement to come. 

The actor, who has been playing FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth since 2005, said that we should expect to witness some unexpected deaths in the final four episodes.

“I will say that some characters have been killed off, maybe some more, I don’t know. I know someone may get shot and hurt and injured ... maybe me, possibly,” Boreanaz told The Huffington Post during a Build Series interview on Monday, teasing that his character could be in trouble.

“I think it’s done in a way that is open to the audience and the fans to say thank you for these 12 seasons,” he continued, “but also there’s hope for a possibility of a reunion or something of that nature down the line, which I would never say no to depending upon what it would be like and how it would be set up. But it’s a well-presented kind of ending and it ends, I’ll say, where it began.”

Boreanaz is feeling bittersweet about the conclusion of the beloved Fox show, admitting that saying goodbye to the crew and his co-stars was “very emotional.” 

“It’s a family environment,” he said. “I was fortunate to be on a show for that many years and it’s the cast and the crew that you really have this family-oriented relationship with. So it was tough [to say goodbye] and I think it became tougher as the weeks went on after the show was over for me. Going through this kind of decompression and walking around like, ‘How many pillows can I arrange here at home?’ And ‘How can I drive my family crazy before they say, “Go back to work! Do something!”?’”

Boreanaz is taking a break for a while, but said he enjoys working on television ― acting, producing and directing ― and hopes to find a new project to sink his teeth into. (You know, because we’re talking Angel here.)

“To get involved into a series again, which may happen, it has to be right and it has to be the character that I kind of respond to,” Boreanaz said. “I remember reading ‘Bones’ and being so intrigued by the character and by its relevance to ‘Romancing the Stone,’ the movie, and the connection those two characters had and the give and the take and the back and the forth, and the humor that could be created while solving crimes. Then you add the beautiful Ms. [Emily] Deschanel and it’s like a perfect lightning-in-a-bottle combination ― I was just very lucky to have that.”

“So instead of chasing certain things like that,” he concluded, “I just want to lay back and see how it goes.” 

Watch the full Build Series interview with David Boreanaz below, and catch a new “Bones” episode on Tuesday, March 7, at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. 

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