David Bowie Shows Reportedly On The Table

ARCHIV: Der britische Musiker David Bowie singt in der Hamburger Color Line Arena auf seiner "A Reality Tour" Welttournee (Fo
ARCHIV: Der britische Musiker David Bowie singt in der Hamburger Color Line Arena auf seiner "A Reality Tour" Welttournee (Foto vom 16.10.03). Bowie (66), britischer Popstar, ist fit und gesund. Dies betonte sein Produzent Tony Visconti in einem Interview mit der britischen Tageszeitung â??The Sunday Telegraphâ??. Er wies damit entsprechende Gerüchte zurück, die aufgekommen waren, nachdem Bowie über viele Jahre nicht mehr öffentlich in Erscheinung getreten war. David Bowie sei weder sterbenskrank noch leide er an Alzheimer. â??Er hat keine einzige Gehirnzelle verlorenâ??, sagte Tony Visconti in dem Interview. Bowie hatte an seinem Geburtstag am vergangenen Dienstag (08.01.13) seinen ersten neuen Song seit rund zehn Jahren veröffentlicht. Ein Album ist für März angekündigt. â??Wäre er tatsächlich krank, hätte nicht zwei Jahre hart daran arbeiten könnenâ??, betonte Produzent Visconti in dem Interview. Foto: Joern Pollex/dapd

The story of whether or not David Bowie would tour in support of his latest LP, "The Next Day," has been a twisted one.

A new report in the Mirror (consider this your grain of salt) suggests that Bowie has been presented with a "multimillion pound offer" to play East London's Olympic Park. The British tabloid says the first offer came in from Live Nation, and that an AEG proposal for a Hyde Park Bowie gig is also expected.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Live Nation and did not immediately receive comment. Between "The Next Day" and the ensuing music videos Bowie's latest projects have essentially been state secrets before their official announcements and/or releases, so it's not extremely likely that any advance news on concerts and/or a tour would be leaked out.

It was first generally accepted (and messaged) that the legendary rocker would not hit the road. There were even rumors of Bowie's ailing health, though the severity of the concern tapered in the wake of stellar music videos starring none other than Ziggy Stardust himself. (See: "Valentine's Day", "The Next Day," "Where Are We Now?" and "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)".)

Iman, Bowie's wife, confused the matter by hinting at an upcoming tour in March, candidly discussing how the family would arrange to visit their rockstar patriarch while he's on the road.

Billboard had a quick note on why next year could be a smart time for a Bowie comeback:

If Bowie does make his overdue live return, 2014 would be a suitable occasion. The year will mark the 50th anniversary of “Liza Jane” -- Bowie’s first single released as Davie Jones with the King Bees (he adopted the name Bowie to avoid confusion with the Monkee’s British frontman Davy Jones).

For more from the Mirror's report, head over to their website.

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