David Bowie Tribute Band Bowievision Rocks Two Sold Out Shows at Seattle's Triple Door

David Bowie Tribute Band Bowievision filled Seattle's Triple Door for two sold out shows last Saturday. I attended the first show, which was filled with fans from young children to senior citizens. Under the exceptional guidance of lead singer Stefan Mitchell, the band performed all of Bowie's hits and some of his more obscure numbers with a fierce energy that kept the audience entertained and delighted.
The crowd was clearly filled with serious fans of David Bowie, which I am not. Still, Mitchell and his band provided an entertaining evening as they sang and joked their way through the ninety-minute set in a venue that seems more attuned to Mitchell's other band The Dudley Manlove Quartet than the thunderous rock of Bowievision.

I've now seen both bands perform at the Triple Door with its great food from Wild Ginger (upstairs from the venue), and I much prefer Dudley Manlove in that setting. Although both bands rely highly on Mitchell's amazing singing voice and charismatic personality, I found that his work shines through much more fully with DMQ.

Still, Bowievision provided what the fans wanted, an opportunity to experience David Bowie's music live from a group that can deliver it with a fullness and passion that resulted in many people attending both the 7 and 10 pm shows. With lots of lighting effects and David Bowie images being projected behind the band, the overall experience of Bowievision was a David Bowie full meal deal well worth any fan's attention.