David Cameron Calls Katy Perry's Music 'Appalling': British Prime Minister Dislikes Perry, Bruno Mars

Katy Perry Gets Dissed By British Prime Minister

Katy Perry is the clear choice of the American people, but she recently received a sharp rebuke from a head of government across the pond.

Perry, who Wednesday earned five People's Choice Awards for her music and acting, was last week slammed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, complained that the "appalling" music of Perry and fellow pop star Bruno Mars have been "infecting" his iPod of late thanks to the insistence of his daughters.

On the other hand, Cameron -- who has long professed to be an avid fan of The Smiths, Snow Patrol, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd -- said that he quite enjoys the work of Band of Horses and upcoming pop star Lana Del Ray.

Cameron is also displeased with the current state of music videos; a recent letter revealed that he is working to place new regulations to stop the "commercialization and sexualization" of childhood.

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