David Cameron The 'Superhero' Battles Back Against Ed Miliband's #Milifandom

Ed Miliband has recently surged ahead in the popularity stakes leaving David Cameron in the shadows and it's all thanks to one blogger who started 'Milifandom' and the 'Cool Ed Miliband' Twitter account.

So now Ed seems more popular than ever (with teenage girls) and with just 18 days to go to the general election, David Cameron must be quaking in his boots or whatever shoes he's wearing at a photocall to eat a hotdog or feed an orphaned lamb.

Here at HuffPostUK, we have taken it upon ourselves to try and help Dave compete with Mr Miliband and claw back the female adoration.

We present to you, David Cameron reimagined as Superheroes...

  • Is it a bird?... Is it a plane?... No, It's Super Dave!
  • From Iron Lady to Iron Man..
  • With great power comes great responsibility...
  • I’m the best there is at what I do...
  • I am a god amongst humans
  • I am little and very annoying...
  • Don't make me angry… You wouldn't like me when I'm angry