David Cassidy On Danny Bonaduce: 'He Finally Grew Up'

When "The Partridge Family," debuted in 1970, viewers fell in love with the wholesome family musical act and its cast of kids rose to instant fame. While lead vocalist David Cassidy had already appeared on television and Broadway, his younger, freckle-faced co-star Danny Bonaduce was experiencing the limelight for the first time.

"Child actors in those days, it was very difficult for them to move on," Cassidy says in the above clip from "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" "And once they weren't cute kids anymore, Hollywood rejected them. The television and film business has never really been kind or compassionate, in general."

After the "The Partridge Family" ended in 1974, 15-year-old Bonaduce soon found himself using drugs and living on the streets of Hollywood. "He went through a very, very difficult period, I mean for many years," Cassidy says.

Today, Cassidy says he and Bonaduce are still friends. "Danny and I have seen one another, we saw each other a lot until last year when he moved to Seattle with his wife," he shares. "His wife is a beautiful person -- just straightened his butt out big time. He's now, 'Yes, dear.' He finally grew up and we've been friends. I love him. He's a really good human being. He's extremely talented."

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