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Alton Brown Dislikes Molecular Gastronomy, David Chang Dislikes Alton Brown's Comments [UPDATED]

Food Network star chef Alton Brown had some harsh words to say about molecular gastronomy to an "Alice Waters-loving back-to-basics" audience at the American Culinary Federation national convention this past Sunday.

"You can't live on it. It's not food," he argued. Though Brown cops to using xantham gum, he has little patience for other similar ingredients and is "sick to death" of foam.

Brown's argument feels a bit tired at this point, as plenty of other food notables have come out against molecular gastronomy, and no one in the industry really likes the term anyway. Which is perhaps why David Chang took to Twitter to comment on Brown's speech (embedded below). He says, "Alton Brown sounds like Boehner on budget deficit or crazy fundamentalist. He is partially correct, mostly wrong."


Perhaps, at least Brown's views won't prevent the government from functioning.

UPDATE: Alton Brown has clarified his thoughts. He explains via Twitter, "Just to set record straight: molecular gastronomy is not bad...but without sound, basic culinary technique, it is useless."


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