Sheriff Who Said It Was Time For 'Pitchforks And Torches' Denounces Anti-Trump Protests

"These temper tantrums from these radical anarchists must be quelled."

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who urged Americans to pick up “pitchforks and torches” last month in response to what he called a “rigged” system, on Wednesday denounced thousands of Americans for demonstrating against the president-elect’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton.

“These temper tantrums from these radical anarchists must be quelled. There is no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people,” Clarke said on Twitter, even though the former secretary of state won the popular vote.

The conservative sheriff ― who Politico reports is a possible candidate for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security in Donald Trump’s administration ― made a call to arms last month. At the time, he echoed Trump’s unfounded allegations that branches of government and the media are corrupt.

Thousands of people around the U.S. took to city streets on Wednesday to protest Trump’s election with signs that read “Not My President.” Protesters in several cities converged around Trump’s properties, like Trump Tower in New York City.

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