David Corn, I'm Confused

Hi, David,
I just read your latest on the Huffington Post about your friend Viveca Novak, and I have a couple of questions to ask you (if you don't mind).

On Dec. 3rd, you wrote this:

Luskin, according to sources close to Viveca Novak, was a longtime source of hers, not a close friend (as has been wrongly reported).

I wonder why you failed to mention that it was you who reported this fact incorrectly?

On Dec. 2,

"What Viveca Novak said to Luskin, a friend of hers, is unclear."

I would also like to know if her husband was the "source" that is close to Viveca? By the way, how does a person be a long time source for someone and not become friends? Isn't that how we all make friends? We talk to somebody for a long time and a friendship is born. Also, Viveca talked to Luskin over drinks, which suggests a pretty cozy "source-friend" relationship if you ask me.
One more quick thing. If she is such a great pal of yours, then why don't you just ask her what she said to Luskin and write about it? You would greatly help us all out, and it would clear up quite a few things.

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