The Many Faces Of David Costabile, From 'Breaking Bad' And 'The Wire' To 'Suits' And 'Low Winter Sun' (MASHUP)

You might not know David Costabile's name, but if you've watched TV in the last decade, you certainly know his face.

Yes, the guy who played Mel's hapless husband on "Flight of the Conchords" is the same guy who fought for control of Pearson Hardman on "Suits" (he was Hardman). He's also played killers ("Elementary"), cops (currently on AMC's "Low Winter Sun"), a killer cop ("Damages") and the managing editor of a struggling newspaper ("The Wire") -- a character his own father calls "the biggest dipshit."

We love seeing him pop up on TV, and we kind of can't wait to see what he does next. Watch our mash-up, above, to see the many faces of David Costabile, and actors, take a page from his playbook: This is how it's done.

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