David Cross Teases 'Mr. Show' Reunion While Talking Crazy Kickstarter Incentives

The promise of a "Mr. Show" reunion became all too real when David Cross started a Kickstarter for his directorial debut film "Hits."

In order to support with a pay-what-you-want release of the movie on BitTorrent and in theaters, Cross offered up a series of wild incentives on the crowd-funding site to beat his $100,000 donations goal. For $3,000, he has committed to run a fan's Twitter account for one week -- interesting considering that he isn't even on Twitter. For $3,500, he offered to be a godfather to someones' child (that one, surprisingly, never sold) and, for just $500, (not $750 or $1,500 as we both misquote in the video above) Cross said he will mail his beard to a fan, in a nice, wooden box, as soon as he has to shave it for the "Mr. Show" reunion, the news of which was leaked on Twitter by former cast member Paul F. Tompkins.

If that weren't enough, one lucky donator to the Kickstarter -- or a rich one at least -- will be appear as a background actor in the reunion. That perk set someone back a hefty $5,000, but it gave the rest of us something even more valuable: further confirmation that the reunion is happening.

While the details, including where and when the reunion will air and how long it will be, are still under wraps, Cross gave as much confirmation that he could during his interview with Aol Build.



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