David Cross' No-Pants Kimmel Interview: Africa, 'Chipwrecked' & Brooklyn's Fulton Mall (VIDEO)

WATCH: David Cross' No-Pants Jimmy Kimmel Interview

We're not sure if it was his anecdotes on Africa, his description of Brooklyn's Fulton Mall or the fact that he wasn't wearing any pants, but David Cross did one of his most entertaining late night interviews Friday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Right off the bat, Kimmel cracked up after asking "who" Cross was wearing when he walked out on stage in what appeared to be a large red sweatshirt with nothing on underneath (then again, he could have been wearing cut-offs). Admitting that the outfit came from downtown Brooklyn's eccentric outdoor mall, Cross went on to describe the other fabulous items he saw for sale there -- and you don't have to be from NYC to think they're hilarious.

After struggling to remember exactly where he recently went on a trip with fiance Amber Tamblyn, in part two below Cross describes going to Africa on safari with the world's biggest Phil Collins fan. Interestingly enough, even in remote villages in Zimbabwe, Cross claims that people recognize him from the "Alvin And The Chipmunks" movie "Chipwrecked."

"You don't know the power Fox has," Cross quipped.

WATCH: Part two

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