David Czarnik Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize For Second Time With Ticket From 'Lucky Store' (VIDEO)

Is the store at which you buy your lottery tickets the key to winning big -- twice?

On Tuesday, David Czarnik of Easthampton claimed a $1 million prize from the Massachusetts lottery's 50X The Cash game. It was his second win -- he also won $1 million in October 2008 after buying a scratch card in an $800 million giveaway, MassLive reported.

Czarnik bought both tickets from "the lucky store," WWLP reported.

Known formally as College Highway Variety, the store was built in the late 60s, local historian Billy Sullivan told the station. Since it opened, five scratch tickets have been sold that produced multimillion dollar winnings.

The store even has a wall of fame.

"Many, many, many other [winners],” says Sullivan in the video above, pointing at the wall. “$10,000 [there], $10,000 [there]."

Smaller prizes are common, too. Another resident, David Corbett, won $500 from a $5 ticket one Christmas.

According to Enterprise News, Czarnik beat odds of 1 in 1.7 million this time around.

The chances of winning twice? Much slimmer. Maybe not at the lucky store, though.



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