YouTube Star David Dobrik Reenacts Justin Bieber Tickling Him When They Met

David Dobrik told Jimmy Fallon "it was the best icebreaker."

David Dobrik has amassed more than 15 million subscribers to a YouTube channel that includes prank and surprise videos. But one of his most personally thrilling moments happened when he met Justin Bieber.

The Biebs tickled him.

Dobrik recounted on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday how he was setting up a video in which Bieber would suddenly appear to shock people taking a pop culture quiz. But first Dobrik and the singer were to meet at a club in West Hollywood.

After formal introductions, Bieber went in for the tickle.

“It was the best icebreaker when he tickled me,” Dobrik told host Jimmy Fallon.

Dobrik invited Fallon to help him reenact the moment. This is what late night television is made for.

Watch the interview above.