David Duchovny in an Epic Ad for Russian Beer

Watch this awesome beer commercial starring David Duchovny.
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Watch this awesome beer commercial starring David Duchovny:

"What if I grew up in Russia," wonders the actor before walking us through a two-and-a-half minute reel of Russian and Soviet nostalgia, focusing on some of the biggest achievements of Russian arts and sciences and big pop culture moments. It's like watching a condensed version of the renowned Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Winter Games.

The ad was produced for a Russian audience and many references won't be easily understood by outsiders -- like winter swimming in a prorub' on the Epiphany or the cheesy take on Soviet pop rock dinosaurs Mashina Vremeni. David Duchovny and The X-Files remain immensely popular in the Russian-speaking world.

The ad was created for Siberian Crown, a beer produced by the Russian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, whose storied line-up also includes Bud, Stella Artois, Beck's, and Hoegaarden. Siberian Crown had previously positioned itself as an 'imperial' beer, producing several ads with anecdotes about Russia's pre-revolutionary royalty. The Duchovny ad instead focuses on the future while reminiscing about the past.

My local supermarket in Brooklyn doesn't carry Siberian Crown though has most of the beers produced by AB Inbev, including their Ukrainian brand Chernigivske. If they carried the Crown, it'd be my beer of choice for the final episode of Californication. There aren't many ways to escape all the other news tagged "Russia" or "Ukraine" these days.

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