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David Duchovny Talks Third 'X-Files' Movie, Tells 'The Tonight Show' He'll Be Fox Mulder Forever (VIDEO)

It seems to be a topic that will never go away. And maybe that's because everyone's always on board to make more movies in "The X-Files" franchise. David Duchovny talked about it again on "The Tonight Show" when Jay Leno asked him if there would be a third film in the series.

"We always want to. [Creator] Chris Carter, and Gillian Anderson and I," Duchovny said. "We’re always on board. You know, you want to write to Fox. Get them going."

"I'll be Fox Mulder forever, sure," Duchovny said, which is what fans of the popular series believe anyway. It's great that the stars remain on board to do those movies, but they need Fox to get on board as well. The first two movies have earned a combined $257 million worldwide, which isn't small change. But the box office haul dropped more than $100 million from the first film ($189.2) to the second ($68.3 million), so there may be concern that the audience just isn't there anymore.

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