David Duchovny Was 'Amazed' After Seeing The 'X-Files' Reboot

"They're as big as any of the episodes we ever did."
Scully and Mulder reunited!
Scully and Mulder reunited!

For years, "X-Files" fans have believed, and now the 6-episode reboot is about a week away. If you haven't been abducted by the hype train yet, get ready because David Duchovny is about to welcome you aboard.

The actor tells The Huffington Post the new episodes are "as big as any of the episodes" the show's ever done.

"The first one starts with a bang. I was amazed at how big it is, how big it looks. It looks like a summer movie, and it’s an hour of television," Duchovny says. 

He adds, "I think we went from being a smallish scary show in the first couple years to being a huge production of science fiction, thriller show, and I think we’re still in that mode. I think the show looks like a movie."

Duchovny opened up to HuffPost about what he's most excited for in the miniseries, the possibility of returning for more episodes and even his pretty convincing theory about why aliens anally probe people.

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What were you most excited to do with these new episodes?

It’s an interesting challenge, and I think a very rare one, for an actor to take a character into his third decade of existence, so that’s something special we’re able to do. Gillian and I, we were very green when we started, and we're just able to do more stuff now. I think we’re much better at what we do.

There were all these stories that you cried when you saw the first script. Then some said you didn't. What actually happened?

You know, I wish I had never said that. I don't know why me crying is so interesting to people. It had nothing to do with what was written in the script. It had nothing to do with anything like that. It was just seeing "Mulder" and "Scully" and the words underneath those names, and the fact that I was looking at an "X-Files" script, and I hadn't seen one in five or six years, and it was just such a big part of all of our lives, and it was nostalgic and emotional.

In a Reddit AMA, you had an interesting theory on why aliens anally probe people. Can you explain that?

I said it was like "Ship of Fools," and that alien civilizations had rounded up their abhorrent sexual offenders and dentists and put them all on ships and tried to send them as far away from themselves as they could, to the farthest reaches of their galaxies. Those are the spaceships that happen to circle our planet, so when they abduct us, they tend to focus on those areas.

Makes sense. If you did meet aliens from another planet in real life, what would you say?

I don’t know [laugh]. Gillian [Anderson] is sitting right here.

[To Gillian] What if you met aliens? What would be the first thing you'd say to them?

[To HuffPost] "Would you like some clothes?" She would give the coat off her back to an alien. 

[Laugh] That's awesome.

That’s very beautiful.

What are the chances we get more "X-Files" after the miniseries?

I think all of us are open, within reason, to doing more, but it also had to do with scheduling. It was very hard to get everybody together for these six. Everybody's got lives, careers, families. We all live in different cities. It was tough. It took a good year and a half, two years to make this happen. We all love working together, and I know if there’s an opportunity and a window and a desire, I'm sure we’ll try to make that work. I'm certainly not against that in any way.

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 "The X-Files" invades Fox on Sunday, Jan. 24.

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