David Duchovny's Sex Rehab Not Because Of Affair: Report

"X Files" star David Duchovny's announcement that was he was in rehab for sex addiction sparked a lot of rumors. One of them was that he'd been caught having an affair with his tennis instructor (a woman) and that he was undergoing rehab to save his marriage.

Alas, it isn't so, says a close friend. Duchovny did not check in because of an extramarital fling. That much the friend is certain of. Even more so: Duchovny's problem has been longstanding. His wife, Tea Leoni, was aware of it for some time. It had just reached a point where it had to be treated.

I have inferred from my conversation with Duchovny's friend that this has something to do with an addiction to pornography, probably on the internet. It's the sex equivalent of a gambling addiction, where the person is just hopelessly trapped in chat rooms....

By the way, I'm told that David issued that press statement about his rehab because the tabloids were about to issue their own story. What happened: A fellow patient "dropped a dime" on David to make some extra coin. Nice confidentiality!

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