White Supremacist David Duke Gives Trump's Speech Rave Review

They are two peas in a pod.

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday elicited a range of reaction ― with convention delegates in attendance feeling largely thrilled by the oration, even as some Republicans viewed the moment as the death of their party. But one important review, naturally, came from a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, one of Trump’s most ardent fans.

Duke has long presented himself as a huge admirer of Trump. Trump has, in return, shown a reluctance to publicly abjure Duke’s devotions and continues to successfully offer dog whistles to the white supremacist community.

Earlier this month, the Daily Beast’s Gideon Resnick reported that Duke was planning to run against Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) in Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District, in what would no doubt be the truest test of Trump’s presidential coattails.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.


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