Student Faces Major Trouble Over Knife Found In What He Says Is His Father's Old Car

A Tennessee high school student is in hot water over what he sees as a big misunderstanding.

David Duren-Sanner, 18, faces suspension and the possibility of being sent to an alternative school after officials at Northeast High School found a knife in his car during a random search last week. However, Duren-Sanner says he was unaware the knife was in his possession, according to Tennessee outlet The Leaf-Chronicle. He says he was using a car that used to belong to his father, a commercial fisherman.

Still, the school suspended the honor roll student for 10 days and told him he would have to attend an alternative school for 90 days -- a punishment that forces him to miss important high school milestones like graduation and prom, according to local outlet WTVF-TV. He may also face charges from the local police department.

Elise Shelton, a representative for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, told the Leaf-Chronicle the knife in Duren-Sanner’s care violated school policy and state law, but his punishment could still be appealed.

“All students may appeal disciplinary recommendations, and those students have the right to due process where testimony and evidence are given," Shelton told the outlet.

In recent days, support for Duren-Sanner has grown around the Web. A petition, started by one of the Duren-Sanner’s friends, calls on the school board to drop all charges against the student.

By Wednesday evening, the petition had at least 19,500 signatures.



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