David Fincher's Gap Ads Are Better Than Most Of The Movies Released This Month

David Fincher directed a new batch of Gap ads and, in classic Fincher style, they're stunning visual works accomplished through a kadrillion takes. The black-and-white spots are part of the brand's "Dress Normal" campaign, which featured Zosia Mamet, Elisabeth Moss and Angelica Huston.

In the ads, Fincher films young, beautiful people in various states of hurry. One is a kiss, another follows a man running up stairs desperate to get to a woman, and one spot takes place in a car, as the backseat passenger struggles to get out of her pants.

With rich soundtracks and near-perfect shots, Fincher made two minutes of footage better than most of the feature films released this month. And these don't even have speaking parts. Read more on how the ads were conceived over at Mashable.

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