David Foster And Prince Harry Have 'Father And Son' Relationship, Katharine McPhee Says

The singer revealed their "beautiful" connection and also talked about her ties with Meghan Markle.

Katharine McPhee dished out a little insight into her husband David Foster’s unique relationship with Prince Harry.

The American Idol contestant, who grew up with and attended the same schools as Meghan Markle, said that she and her composer spouse met with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex while she was performing in London in 2019.

“When I was in London doing ‘Waitress,’ we went to a big charity event,” the singer told Access Hollywood in an interview on Monday. “Me and David just put ourselves in a position where we could just at least say hello, and they were really gracious.”

She indicated that the couples have grown closer since then.

“My husband has a really, really beautiful relationship with Harry,” she said. “They’re so cute. They’re like father and son. We just stay in touch with them.”

“Meghan and I knew each other from childhood, but really Harry and my husband are friends,” McPhee continued. “It’s really nice.”

Foster revealed back in January that he actually helped Meghan and Harry find their home in Canada when they took a six-week break over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

“We just want them to end up wherever they feel safest and happiest,” McPhee told Access Hollywood. “I had very little to do with [finding the house]. David’s the one who’s the resource guy. He knows all the places. He loves to help people. We just hope they end up somewhere where they feel like they can really settle down.”

McPhee and Meghan, both natives of Los Angeles, have their own history. The singer said that she “was never really close friends” with Meghan, who was older, but they went to the same schools and were in some student productions together.

While Foster hasn’t ever spoken about a father-son dynamic with Harry (after all, the composer has five children of his own), he did say that he felt “honored” to help the Sussexes find their temporary home last year.

“I felt honored that I was able to help Meghan there, because I’m a Canadian and we’re a commonwealth country, we’re the Crown’s,” Foster told the Daily Mail in January. “It’s important to us, so I grew up with that kind of sentiment.”

He also confirmed that the couple met with the Sussexes in mid-2019, when McPhee was in “Waitress.”

“We actually met Meghan and Harry at D-Day in London maybe a year ago. Immediately we were drawn to them, like everybody is, and I was just happy to help,” Foster added.

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