David Gregory Is Reportedly Getting $4 Million From NBC News

David Gregory is being paid $4 million to leave NBC News and "Meet the Press" early, the New York Post reported Saturday.

After months of rumors and underwhelming ratings for "MTP," NBC News pulled the plug on Gregory earlier this week, and installed Chuck Todd as the new host of the show. "A source said Gregory’s contract extended into next year, so NBC had to pay him for the rest of the term, plus an extra fee to ensure his silence," the Post wrote. The newspaper said that Gregory signed a non-disparagement agreement, which would prevent him from criticizing the network.

Ann Curry — whose exit from "Today" has drawn comparisons to David Gregory's from "Meet the Press" — found herself in a similar situation when she was ousted as the co-host of "Today" in 2012. She was one year into her three-year contract, and reportedly received $10 million when she left the show.

Gregory had renewed his contract to host "Meet the Press" in 2013.