David Gregory Backtracks After Being Corrected On Gaza

David Gregory Forced To Issue Correction On Gaza

David Gregory had to correct himself on Sunday's "Meet The Press" after getting into a bit of trouble with a video he showed to a guest.

Gregory was speaking to Chris Gunness, the spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency, about the crisis in Gaza. Gregory showed him Israeli video which he said had not been verified by NBC News and which Gunness could not even see.

“The Israelis say...that [the video] purports to show rockets being fired from a UN school,” Gregory said. “Is this accurate? Could this be happening without the UN’s knowledge, that would only bolster the Prime Minister’s point that Hamas is using civilians, using the United Nations even, in a kind of propaganda war?”

"To bring me onto a live program and expect me to comment live on air to pictures I haven't actually seen, I think anyone looking at this program would agree that's really unfair," Gunness responded.

Later in the broadcast, Gregory told viewers that, despite the Israeli claims, the UN had confirmed that the video did not, in fact, show rockets being fired from a school.

"So this is a back and forth we are not able to settle at this point," he said.

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