David Gregory Leaves 'Meet The Press,' And NBC News

David Gregory confirmed on Thursday that his troubled tenure at "Meet The Press" has come to an end.

Gregory tweeted that he is leaving the show, as well as the network he has called home for decades:

Chuck Todd has been all-but-officially named as Gregory's replacement.

Though Gregory's exit will certainly be painful for him, it's possible he may be feeling some relief. His time at the helm of the storied Sunday show has been marked by nearly-continuous bad press, as well as low ratings and the pressure that comes with them. It will now be up to Todd to see if "MTP" can return to its historical perch at the top of the Sunday heap.

Still, Gregory's departure surely counters comments made by NBC earlier this year about the Sunday show host's future. The network told HuffPost's Michael Calderone in March that it was "doubling down" on Gregory and insisted that he would help the show transition into a "7 days-a-week source for politics and beltway buzz."

"I cannot be more declarative about David -- is our guy, is going to be our guy, and we are really happy with him," NBC News senior vice president Alex Wallace said just five months ago.