David Gregory Hit With Yet More Gloomy Reports About 'Meet The Press'

David Gregory Could Reportedly Be Yanked From 'Meet The Press'

Lately, it seems like David Gregory spends as much time trying to shoot down rumors that he's going to be yanked from his job hosting "Meet the Press" as he does actually hosting "Meet the Press." On Wednesday, Gregory and NBC got another chance when Page Six reported that he could be taken off the Sunday show after the midterm elections. The gossip column pointed to Chuck Todd as the mostly likely person to replace Gregory.

NBC called the rumors "false," adding to a long line of similar denials and pledges of support for Gregory from the network. But what is undeniable is that "MTP" has been in a deep hole for months. The show has been stuck in third place in the ratings for so long that it's hardly newsworthy anymore. Gregory has had to personally deny reports that NBC hired a psychological consultant to analyze him.

Meanwhile, "Meet the Press" has been through a bit of an overhaul, with little to show for it in the audience numbers.

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