David Gregory Appearing On Yahoo For Midterms, Keeping Options Open

NEW YORK -– Former "Meet the Press" host David Gregory is "really looking forward" to taking part in Yahoo’s midterm election coverage next Tuesday, he told The Huffington Post in a phone interview.

Gregory will appear on the online political special with his friend and former NBC News colleague Katie Couric, who now serves as Yahoo’s global anchor. The Yahoo appearance, first reported by The New York Times, is likely to trigger speculation about Gregory’s future career plans.

Gregory does not have a commitment to Yahoo beyond election night at this time and told HuffPost "my options are pretty open right now."

"It’s just an interesting time for me to be exploring," he said. "That’s what I’m doing."

In August, Chuck Todd replaced Gregory as host of "Meet the Press" following long-running speculation as the show's ratings declined that Gregory was on his way out. He left the network the same day.

Gregory, who spent two decades at NBC News, seems open to opportunities beyond broadcast television, noting that there's "a lot of exciting stuff being done in the digital space."

Outside the news business, Gregory is currently writing a book on journeys of faith, including his own experience with Judaism.