David Hart, British Marine Killed In Afghanistan, Leaves Las Vegas Vacation Worth $150,000 To Friends

A U.K. soldier killed by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan will be posthumously giving 32 of his friends the vacation of a lifetime.

As the Sun is reporting, British Royal Marine David Hart took out a 250,000 pound (or about $400,000) insurance policy before he was deployed with instructions that $150,000 of that amount should go toward a Las Vegas holiday for his pals and their girlfriends.

According to friend Andy Hare, the Vegas vacation will serve as a particularly fitting tribute, as Hart -- described by fellow officers as "the perfect Marine" -- looked forward to his "lad's holidays" each year, the Daily Mail reports. "He loved going away with his mates -- it was always the best two weeks of the year," said Hare, 25. "In his letter David said he had had a great life and had no regrets about anything. He always said he would do something like this if something bad happened. He said, 'Go and have a good time and spend all this money'. All the lads said, 'What a guy'."

Hart's parents didn't seem to mind the stipulation, as Hart's friends have been very supportive of the family since his death. "Since his death, all of his friends have been round to see us," father Chris is quoted as saying. "It's nice they have been there to support us."

But the insurance money will also go toward funding ventures other than gambling. Hart, 23, also reportedly stipulated that $80,000 would go toward a charity group of injured Marines, while his family will also receive $160,000.

Family and friends have also planned to embark on a charitable U.K. bike ride to raise money in Hart's memory this fall. View their fundraising page here.