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David Hasselhoff Pledges To Give Concert To Save Berlin Wall (VIDEO)

"Baywatch" and "Knight Rider" star David Hasselhoff joined HuffPost Live Friday to talk about joining the effort to preserve a section of the Berlin Wall scheduled to be demolished later this month. Hasselhoff, who gained a massive following in Germany in part due to his iconic concert on the wall in 1989, told HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps that he's willing to give another concert in Berlin if it means saving the wall.

"I think the best way to do this is to fight capitalism with capitalism," Hasselhoff said. "If you get the whole world behind it, I'd be happy to come over and help and do what I can and do a concert. If you're gonna fight money, you gotta fight money with money."

Demolition of part of the wall near Berlin's East Side Gallery to make way for a residential real estate project began last week, sparking mass protests at the site. An online petition at Change.org aimed at halting the project stated:

The Berlin Wall, once hated by Berliners, is now a a huge part of the cultural heritage of the city and of Germany. What remains of this important historical and cultural landmark is now under threat. Berlin construction investor "Living Bauhaus" owned by Uwe Hinkel started to take down part of the so called "East Side Gallery" on March 1 in order to build high-end apartments on what was once called the "death strip."

The Hoff echoed the need to preserve this history, saying "If this did happen in Manhattan and you tried to tear down something about 9/11, you'd have a hell of a lot of problems... This is about history."

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